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Professor Graham Kendall

Professor Graham Kendall is the Provost and CEO of The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC). He is also a Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Nottingham.

He is a Director of MyResearch Sdn Bhd, Crops for the Future Sdn Bhd. and Nottingham Green Technologies Sdn Bhd. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS) and a Fellow of the Operational Research Society (FORS).

He has published over 230 peer reviewed papers. He is an Associate Editor of 10 journals and the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions of Computational Intelligence and AI in Games.


How are football fixtures worked out?
I have published a number of papers on Cutting and Packing

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Home Win
  1. Title: Home Win
  2. Date Published: 13-Aug-2009
  3. Where Published: Times Higher Education
  4. Download: Home Win

This was a short report in the Times Higher Education which reported on the paper I published which discussed how English football fixtures could be automated to make them fairer and, specifically, minimise the distances travelled by teams and supporter over the Christmas period.

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